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My amazing team has been working and training with me for years. You will absolutely love chatting with them! Go ahead and book today

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Founder and CVO

Maryam is the Chief Vision Officer (C.V.O) and founder of The Parent Empowerment Project (TPEP). She's been working with families and children for 10 years now and currently completing her masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from JMU in Virginia. She lives near D.C. with her husband and four children.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Nabila Haris
Parent Coach

Nabila has been passionately practicing Respectful Parenting (RP) for the past nine years. She has completed a six-month ‘Parents’ Camp; Teachers’ Certificate Course’ (PTCC) from Educational Resource & Development Centre (ERDC). She discovered true joy and healing in her own motherhood and believes in the value of parental efforts to break the generational cycles and hopes that together, we are able to create a whole new world, better than the present.
Kids’ academic issues are a huge source of stress for parents these days. Nabila has deep insight on how children actually learn and would love to help parents deal with issues of education, homework, school woes and how to preserve a child’s natural curiosity and interest in learning. All of these together serve to lift the heavy weight off the parents’ shoulders. She can also provide guidance on homeschooling, beginning from what it is and what it is not.
Nabila can help parents explore their triggers, the roadblocks that stand in the way of RP and remind them why self-compassion and ‘staying human’ really make a difference. She can guide them on how to build life-long nurturing relationships with their kids through communication and problem-solving skills that are respectful and effective, and teach them how to co-regulate, validate and set boundaries.
Nabila is an enthusiastic self-learner and incorporates learnings from books on Human Psychology, Self- development and Parenting in her coaching. She also prioritizes reviewing all new learnings in the guiding light of the timeless principles given in the Quran. In her free time, she reads, watches comedy shows and plays Minecraft with her son. She lives in Karachi with her loving husband and a wonderful 9-year-old son.

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Mindset & Performance Life Coach

Noor is an internationally certified (ICF) Life Coach with a trauma informed approach and an aim to help her clients succeed in their personal or professional life. She has years of first-hand experience in helping people deal with social, behavioral, personal and professional challenges gained while acquiring an engineering degree, working in multinational organizations in both corporate and industrial environments, educational institutes and social work.


In her professional career within and outside Pakistan, she managed to improve behaviors and mindset, through trainings, coaching and implementing several tools which in result improved performance of individuals and teams.


She has lived in multiple cities in different countries, across continents, exposing her to highly diversified situations, behaviors, values and cultures. Hence, she can work with clients on varying perspectives and diverse goals while keeping an empathetic and respectful approach.


Her interest piqued in emotional intelligence, respectful parenting and self-healing when her first child was born. She took courses and read books to expand her knowledge and practiced NLP/mindfulness techniques too. She took an extensive self-development course with Maryam Munir that played a major role in her self-discovery journey. She is pursuing her ICF ACC and plans to further enhance her skills in neuroscience.


While working with her clients, Noor takes a holistic approach to benefits all areas of life as opposed to just one goal. She uses concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, & Growth Mindset to enable her clients to:


  • Get clarity, confidence & motivation to reach their personal and professional goals

  • Developing resilience and overcome mental & emotional roadblocks

  • Become more self-aware, emotionally regulated and self-empowered

  • Resolve conflict and communicate better, in relationships or at work

  • Achieve work life balance by using effective time management, boundary setting and productivity tools

  • Successful Life or Career Transition (Marriage, Pregnancy, Parenting, Choosing Careers, Switching Jobs, Relocation etc.)


Her Motto in life is: Heal&Accept your Past, LIVE&CHERISH your Present, Plan&Prepare your Future

Sana Tanveer Malik
Parent Coach (+Special Needs Kids)

Sana is a certified Parent Educator/ Coach from Positive Discipline Association of United States and also has an educational background in Psychology. Her mission is to help parents find the joy in parenting through embracing a respectful parenting paradigm, one that focuses on connection, compassion, and collaboration. She has attended many conferences, workshops and courses to this end, and to learn childhood development and relational neuroscience.

Sana believes self-healing is crucial to respectful parenting and thus approaches all parenting struggles through a trauma-informed lens. She recognizes mindfulness and self-compassion are key to healing and positive relationships, and has thus completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction certificate course. She has also studied under Dr Kristin Neff to learn about her evidence-based Mindful Self-Compassion model. 

Sana’s particular area of interest is helping shift the mainstream perspective on children with special/ additional needs. To this end, Sana has received special training in helping explosive children with behavioral challenges, using Dr Ross Greene’s model of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. She also has a certificate in introductory level DIR and DIRFloortime therapy, a compassionate and evidence-based model to support, and teach skills to children with higher support needs.

 For the last 3-4 years, Sana has been working closely with Maryam to build a community of respectful parents worldwide. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

Sarah Ali
Parent/Family Coach

Sarah is a trained Montessori Directness from Association of Montessori International and thus has a solid understanding of childhood development and age-appropriate teaching practices. Sarah has a deep interest in respectful parenting with a neuroscience and trauma-informed approach and has consequently done many programs and courses to learn how to support children with behavioral challenges; she has learned directly from Dr Ross Greene about his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions approach as well. She has been working closely with Maryam in various capacities for the last couple years, and is now a parent coach leading workshops and group coaching. 

Sarah has been on a healing journey of her own and understands how difficult it is to parent respectfully when we are looking at the world through the lens of our own wounds. Thus, she works with all her clients by focusing on their self-awareness and teaching them self-compassion, thus guiding them on their own healing journeys. Sarah has also completed two years of Alema (Islamic scholarship) course and supports her clients through the spiritual lens as well. She has profound knowledge of supporting mothers who feel stuck in impossible situations and is able to help them move forward, despite difficult circumstances. Her close work with the Muslim Mama, an NLP coach, has also equipped her with effective tools to help overcome limiting beliefs. 

Sarah also lives in a joint family system and thus can also help other mothers who seek guidance on how to parent respectfully in joint family systems. 

Sarah lives in Karachi, Pakistan with her incredible four sons

Afra Khurram
NLP Practitioner+ Parent Coach

Afra Khurram is a mom of two lovely children, Ayeza (7) and Rohaan (2). She has been respectfully parenting her children since the last 7 years and found healing and self-compassion in her journey while trying to be a good parent.


Afra is a certified NLP practitioner with a trauma-informed approach and understands the importance of being able to identify our goals in life and have the ability to look at life from a meta perspective. She’s received special training for Relationship Coaching to assist couples navigate their relationship dynamics to foster healthier connections.

She is also training to be a Humanistic Integrative Therapist. She believes that empathy, unconditional positive regard, and a respectful connection is what a person needs when embarking on their journey of self awareness. The primary belief that everyone is doing their best is important to her, as it helps her provide others with the empathy they need to heal.


Afra is an avid supporter of Mindfulness meditation and regularly meditates with her children. She has received foundation level training from a qualified Mindfulness teacher. She believes that the ability to pause, connect with our bodies, and ground ourselves is one of the most powerful tools a person can possess. It’s a tool all parents and their children can benefit from. 


Her ultimate goal is to work with parents and children to support families in creating a functional home environment that supports emotional and mental health of the family; allowing space for deeper meaningful relationships to develop and thrive.


In her sessions, she prioritises in providing parents with necessary tools to parent respectfully and develop deeper connections with their children; while keeping their own mental and emotional health in check.

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